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Trail Goof LogoHello Everyone.  I’m Joan and I live in Southern California. Hiking is my passion. I get approached all the time by people who have never hiked, are afraid to hike, or are not sure how to get started.This is where the name Trail Goof came into being. Trail for the obvious reason, Goof because I’m a little goofy, not that coordinated really. So TrailGoof represents the idea that anyone can hike without special gear or professional knowledge.

Basically you need shoes and water.   Like any activity there is always gear and more gear to go along with it.  I wanted people to be aware that none of that is actually necessary to go out for a short hike here on our local trails.

Of course there is much more to safety on the trail, which is what this first book focuses on. The next book is in process, so stay posted!

Enjoy the Journey!

Written by Joan Cassese & Illustrated by Zoe Laverne