Any goofball (me!) can hike, find a place in nature that speaks to them.


Hiking is a great way to make new friends, or bond with old ones.  Or, get the kids out there.  Kids/teens, tend to talk more during an activity than a sit down, high pressure face to face.


The sun!  For Vitamin D.   The walk!  For muscle growth.  The wonder of it all!  For mental health.


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Trail goof is a site for anyone, any age, any background to learn a few things about hiking, being out in nature.  Man vs Nature; nature usually wins, however, if man Respects Nature, there is harmony.

First things first

Shoes.  Yes, you do need decent shoes.  Not flipflops, heels, sandals.  Any tennis shoe will do, unless, unless you are hiking hilly areas, or loose gravel.  Then  you need a shoe with some kind of tread to prevent falling!   A trail running shoe or specific hiking shoe is best.  Vibram five finger toe shoes are an option.  Not my favorite, but some of my friends swear by them.  Go to Big 5 when they are having a sale.  I've found some of my best shoes there.  (do you like my holiday wrapping paper in the background?  lol)


Next Steps...

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