Other things to take along…

  • !!WATER!!
  • Snacks – protein bars, nuts, enery jelly beans  (food that hold up well, don’t melt or go bad quickly)
  • Cellphone – though no signal in some areas
  • Whistle –  to get someone’s attention, ward off animals
  • Mirror – reflect light to attract attention to your location
  • Sunscreen
  • Band aids
  • Colored bandana – to flag someone down if necessary. To cool down – get it wet, drape it on your neck
  • Mace/pepper spray – for animal and/or people attacks!
  • Alarm or airhorn – animal attacks, getting someone’s attention

Urban hiking is relatively safe, however, it’s still man versus nature.  Wild animals, changing terrain, falls, getting lost, heat stroke, dehydration, running out of energy for the return trip.  So many things can happen out there.  Small preparation can safe your life or simply give you a much better experience.

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