Why would anyone bother to hike?

It’s hot, dusty, there are bugs, snakes, hills.  Honestly what’s good about it?!   Okay, let’s say you’re fed up with traffic, high cost of living, crowds, noise.    And right there, right in front of you is cleaner air, open space, trees, flowers, ROOM TO BREATHE!

Also, you make friends, bond with current friends, go on fun dates, get in shape, get a different perspective, find peace, find quiet, find yourself.    It’s relatively free, you don’t really need much in the way of gear.  You don’t even have to be very fit.   A hike can be one mile or 15 miles.  Whatever YOU choose.

This blog is to share my passion for hiking and the outdoors with anyone who already hikes, or anyone who wants to try something new and isn’t quite sure of where or how to start.   So let’s go and take just one step, one step today on any dirt path…….


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