About Me

I'm just an average born & raised southern Californian who loves adventures, exploring, nature.   I have people ask me all the time if they can hike with me, or where to hike.  So I decided to start a blog and expand the audience.  To share what I've learned from all my years on local trails.  (I'm the shorter one in the photo, and I'm standing on a rock! haha 🙂

My Story

Yes, I'm on the shorter side, 5'2.  I'm not all that athletic.  I have bad hips & a bad spine.  Just genetics, birth abnormalties.   When I was young, a doctor told me I was really going to have to stay in shape if I wanted to be walking when I got old.   I took his advice to heart and have managed to stay in mostly good shape over the years.  Some days I can hike 12 miles.  Other days, walking around the block is way too much to consider.  So I have no super powers or super body.  I just put one foot in front of the other and remember to look up and around every so often.  Enjoy the view~

Next Steps...

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